Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You can't make up this stuff ... from Craigslist Missed Connections

The following was found on Craigslist Missed Connections.  Not going to say what city or where you can find it, doesn't matter, here it is, unedited.  You really can't make up this stuff - and to think only a few years ago I had never heard the term "misogynist" used at all - now, I see it almost on a daily basis.  Truly amazing - teach your Sons, knowledge will be their only defense.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.


You know who you are - w4m 
© craigslist

You are a misogynistic narcissist who abuses women. You use manipulation to make them appear psychologically unstable in order to further degrade, debase, invalidate, isolate, and entrap them. You prey on emotionally and psychologically vulnerable people and then push them as far as you can until you can publicly decry them and call them the disturbed party. You use narcissistic abuse to seduce and degrade. You call women obsessed when they have a legitimately angry and confused psychological and/or emotional reaction to your abuse. Make no mistake. No matter who you are: he is using you. He is carefully orchestrating your opinion of him and your opinion of others. You are his stepping stone. He is your ally if he wants something from you, wants something you have, or he believes your opinion matters. Nothing matters to him besides your positive regard of him and his image and your contempt for the people who see through him. All he has beneath his exterior is contempt for you and pathological, envious, rage. He will construct elaborate facades of caring, compassion, and respect but he respects no one. If he wants to spend time with you, it's because he believes you have social currency or information he can use against you or someone else. He is a psychological and emotional abuser who uses gaslighting, invalidation, manipulation, stonewalling, deceit, and aggression, to humiliate and degrade the women closest to him. He preys on women who are already emotionally or psychologically vulnerable. If you support him or his art, you are supporting psychological and emotional abuse and violation. You know who you are.

Men who are true allies of women: Do not align yourselves with abusers or misogynists, even covert ones. Do not support abusers. Question the motives of men who spew even borderline sexist remarks. Educate yourselves about abusive relationships and don't be afraid to talk about abuse you've experienced.

Women: Educate yourselves about narcissism, and know the signs of a pathological relationship. These people are usually well liked and reputable because they are experts of facade and manipulation, but they are dangerous to your psychological health. Know what emotional abuse tactics are and protect yourself. Google the terms "smear campaign" and "gaslighting". Do not allow yourself to move too quickly or be too empathetic. You can't help insidious people. There are resources out there if you find yourself involved with abusers. There is help. This type of abuse can be more damaging than physical or sexual abuse. No matter how it seems, you're not alone. There are advocates for you.

You know who you are.


  1. How does this come as a shock, since this is to the letter what men on this site advocate?

    1. Not a shock at all. It is more of realization I have now, that I didn't have before. If I had read this a few years ago, I would have felt sorry (heartfelt sorry) for the pain this woman was going through - today I read this and just go "Yep", roll my eyes and move on.

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