Sunday, February 14, 2016

Life is a numbers game ...

Life is a numbers game ... almost every aspect of it.

Think about it ... it really is all about the numbers you put in (from making money, to learning something new, to meeting women, to getting into a relationship, to divorce, to getting over "the one") ... it's all about the numbers.

I'm just going to take the MS/PU world for a second, and throw out something about "picking up women" ... and put some numbers behind it, just so you have a reference point for my thinking on the subject (but in reality, you could put almost anything in there - as John Greene mentions in his book Mastery we all go through a process from Novice to Master and it's all about putting in your time) ...

Imagine you go out tonight, to a bar/club with at least 200 people - split 50/50 between men and women.  Think of this, out of the 100 women, you will fall into one of three categories (keeping it short, because women probably have 10 categories, but they are variations of these three major ones):

Category 1:  They don't even notice you.  You are white noise in their life.
Category 2:  They notice you, but have absolutely not interest in you.  Any reason here will do, but you are just "there" - you exist, they acknowledge that much, but nothing else.
Category 3:  They notice you, and have some level of interest in you.  They may or may not send signals your way, but as they saw you, there was something they like(d).

Now, each of these 100 women will have their own personal scale - no two will be the same.  If you asked each of them to put the 100 men in one of those three categories, each list would be different.  If two were alike, it's only because one woman was looking over the shoulder of another and cheated.  You can't predict which category you will fall into on any single given night - because there will be some nights where you will be in majority of women's Cat3 and others where you will be in every woman's Cat1.  It just happens - unless you are "someone" (rock star, sports star, movie star, etc.).

With me so far?  Out of the 100 women, there will only be a percentage that will put you in her personal Cat3 list.

Now, if we simplify things and say we as Men have the same prioritized list of the 100 women, then it becomes much easier to fathom the idea about "failure" (as in, you go out with the hopes of picking up a woman, yet you go home alone).  Because, you list of Cat3 women may be a higher percentage, but if you are not on their Cat3 list, it doesn't matter.  And that just gives you the "prospects" of picking up a woman - you still have to work at it to make it happen.

Put some numbers to this little theory ...

Breakdown for a woman might be ... Cat1=50%, Cat2=30%, Cat3=20%
For a man it might be Cat1=20%, Cat2=40%, Cat3=40%

That's why, you have to be aware of your environment and specifically your target(s).  You have 40 woman on your Cat3 list - which may be an unattainable number to work on.  You have to figure out how to move that number to the best 10 or 20 (maybe) - so work on awareness all 40, look for subtle cues.  But my point is - it is a numbers game.  Although, you may believe you can "pickup anyone" the truth is, the majority of women you meet could give two shits about whether you are drawing breath or not.

And I could have used a business situation or a goal situation or an education situation.  No matter what, it is a numbers game.  Once you start to become aware of that one fact, and that under most circumstances, there will be lots of failure along the way - it becomes much easier to just push through and get to work.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.

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