Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discipline ... the missing ingredient

This is a bit random, but I got a couple books the other day - none related to "Man" issues - but as I read them, I thought how I've never built any real discipline in my life.  I've actually had it fairly easy - sure, I've had some ups and downs, and some of the downs have been brutal, but I've normally weathered those stores without really doing much - just flowed them.

That got me thinking about discipline.  And how the world we live in is fairly comfortable, even in the really bad times, we have it much better than our predecessors had it a hundreds or thousands of years ago.  No matter how "hard" my life is (or I perceive it to be), there are people that have real struggles every day.

Most of that comes down to "wanting" to be comfortable.  Why do people not diet and exercise?  It's because they would rather be comfortable.  There is volumes of evidence that even modest exercise and a small changes to our diet can have a huge impact on our health - yet we continue to be fat and lazy.

I was reading about intermittent fasting the other day - the benefits are amazing - yet most people can't go without eating something for an additional few hours a day, they'd rather graze all day and not "feel" the discomfort of being hungry (although they know they WILL be eating in a few hours).

How about that advice about not contacting the girl that told you she didn't want to see you anymore?  The advice is solid - yet there is discomfort in doing it, so many of will (and I admit, I've done it) will just sent that little text, or make that call, or setup that "chance" meeting - because we can't stand the bit of discomfort from "not doing something".

And of course, there is my personal favorite, because I've been plagued with it all my life - the discomfort of possibly "looking stupid" or "awkward".  God forbid we put ourselves in a situation where we might actually be humiliated in front of complete strangers (because most of don't have the same problem with people we know).  It has stalled many careers in business, just because there was a fear of the reaction - and you'll never be able to be successful in sales without being able to move beyond that comfortable feeling.

Now, with all that as setup - here's the punchline ...

Everything worthwhile in my life has taken effort, has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, and has taken discipline to achieve - EVERYTHING

I'm not talking about risk, or getting beyond your fear, I'm talking about discipline to do something.  To get up at 5am and work on writing; to skip a couple meals a day;  to put on those workout clothes when that is exactly what you don't want to do;  to "not" send that send, and get your mind focused on something else; or to ask that question, make that call, approach that girl.

You can have a "fuck it" attitude, you can have no fear, you can have everything else - but without at least a small amount of discipline - any gains you make, will be lost eventually.  And that's the point - with sticking to it, all the time, with a iron-force - nothing you achieve will last.  It takes discipline to keep those things in your life.  Especially those things you truly care about - whatever they are.

So, that's what I was thinking about as I read one of the books I purchased - how I have never really had any "real" discipline in my life.  The only hope I have, is that it is merely a "muscle" I haven't cared to exercise - that it can be developed, and I can achieve some level going forward.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.

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  1. Thank you: Mentioning discipline is crucial in our days. I see it every day: people comming right from school, college or university lack discipline in the smallest things in work life. There is a good article about discipline here:


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