Monday, January 25, 2016

8 Traits of the Sexy Modern Woman (lies of the blue pill world)

Even LinkedIn has it's share of this kind of crap ... I saw this today and thought to myself, "why is this here?" and then I noticed it was created by a "man" - which made me wonder why he did it.

It doesn't take much imagination to understand the reason, it makes perfect sense and all 8 points are right out of the playbook.

Three things struck me - without even reading the 8 points - here they are the order of head wacking ...

1. The picture of the woman - not that she's unattractive, but she is "older" - don't know exactly what age, but my thought is early 40's (could be younger I guess).  But the point is, the picture is of someone that is well into her life.  Not a young thing that sparks the sexual imagination of Men of all ages.  Just a "woman" - attractive, not beautiful or stunning - just a better than average looking woman.  Also, if they wanted to get real with this picture, she would have been anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds overweight (surprised about that actually).

2. The word "sexy" in the headline.  Nothing in the list mentions anything that is actually sexy - or creates desire within a Man.  Believe we have gotten away from the really meaning of sexy, which is an adjective meaning "sexually attractive or exciting" or "sexually aroused".  If anything on that list actually got me aroused, then I need to work on myself, because I've got problems.

3. The list was created by a "man" - it doesn't take much imagination to figure out where his mind, body and spirit are ... they are firmly in the belief of the "strong, independent woman" world.  Anyone that has delved into even a few articles or blogs in the Manosphere, could see nothing but "programming" within those eight points.  From the headline, to the picture, to the text - it is how we are supposed to think about women - they are kind, they are capable, they are caring - oh and of course, they are so very sexy in all those things.


I'm not going to go into each point.  In reality, if you've found this article, you are already deep within the various thoughts of the Manosphere - you didn't find this blog by accident, you found it because it was listed someplace.  That being said, this is the kind of crap that is being fed to the world - and to our sons and daughters.  These are messages - the one they hear on a daily basis.  For me, it took getting my ass kicked by having my (x)wife leave me and wondering "why did this happen" to find out we have been sold a marketing message - reality is somewhere hidden underneath.

I'm not bitter, what I am is angry - and not at women - I'm mad because there is a truth out there about our natures (both Men and women), but no one wants to talk about them in "polite" conversation.  We are sold a bill of goods, we are told one thing, when the truth lies in another direction.  We are told (and it is drilled into us) that women matter, Men don't ... that it's OK for women to be whatever they want to be ... in fact, a "real" Man will help them get there.

All those 8 points are somewhat true about women.  Each one of them can be stated as a "sometimes" fact - because they do act that way, sometimes.  The problem is, none of those things are sexy - a woman being ambitious is not sexy (at least to Man) - all those things potentially are sexy to other woman, for the mere fact, that each of those eight are male traits.  They are what make Men attractive and sexy to women...if you don't believe me, just replace any reference to a woman, replace it with a Man, and read the list again.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.


  1. I suppose it depends what you find sexy.There are now legions of young men who think,as women used to,of being overpowered by strong willed women.It is called femdom but,it is,in reality,a fantasy,because women do it to earn money.However,it should be noted that femdom is now aspiring to the lifestyle(pleasing only the woman)and hence an enthusiast may well have those goals you published in mind.

    The recommendations given to women miss the point. What is crucial for a female is to be attractive for men. Good advice for them should always have how to be attrative for men in it’s core.

  3. Basically ... the first thing I found interesting was this picture/graphic was on LinkedIn - and the mere fact it was just a very strange list of things to be considered "sexy" ... because none of them are sexy in a woman.


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