Monday, December 7, 2015

It's Your Life ... Reclaim it

There is nothing as important in life as finding your center.  As we pass through life, our center shifts and moves.  There are times in our lives where if you looked at it, it would make you feel sick to your stomach - from all the movement and jittering around.  Normal or not, right or wrong, left or right - doesn't matter where you fall, there are times when you are not the center - someone (or something) else will be.

This is not advocating if that's right or wrong - it just is a fact of life - we replace ourselves and put other people in our center.  Too many reason to list for the whole population of Men, but here are a few people I've put in the center and moves off stage left in the process ...

  • My Mom/Dad ... growing up, we are dependent upon our parents or caregivers for everything.  Of course, they occupy the center, we don't know any better
  • Girlfriends (s) ... we are taught to be "gentlemen", to accomplish this, we put these girls in the center, put ourselves off to the side
  • Wife ... one again, same lesson as above, we do what we are taught, we dutifully move over and put them in the top spot in our lives
  • Kids (mine) ... I know, I'm the Dad, but that doesn't mean we don't do things to help them out, at the detriment of ourselves (many times at the bidding of our wives)
  • Jobs/Career/Profession ... it's easy to make the paycheck a central object of desire 
I'm sure there are Men that will have a shorter or longer list, but all will have decided at sometime or another to put someone else in their center.  I'm here to remind you, no can occupy your center better than YOU.  Absolutely no one.

I've been reminded by that fact a few times over the past few months.  Everytime I put someone or something else there, shit hits the fan.  Eventually, after enough, you push them out of the way (or in some cases, you gently move them) and regain, reclaim, and conquer the center again.  Whatever metaphor you want to you ... Capture the Flag (it's your flag, demand it) ... King of Hill (it's your hill, time to reclaim it).  It is your life, it is your center, have the strength to stay there, and if you recognize you're not there, grab your balls and make it happen.

Awareness is key.  Do it sooner, rather than later is the only thing I can say.

Eyes Front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.

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    Reclaiming you life equals becoming mature, becoming a complete adult person.


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