Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Total Devastation

We have all been there ... in my case, several times in my life ... there have been more than one job lost through either my fault (been fired) or no fault (laid off) ... a divorce ... a breakup of a "serious" relationship ... death of close friend or family member.  But there are other things, maybe it's an illness of someone close, or your own illness.  Natural disasters, loss of business, completely wiped out financially.

Whatever the circumstance - to you, it is total devastation.  The kind of thing that first kicks you in the balls, knocks your feet out from under you and then just for good measure, kicks you when you're down.

So what do you do?  How do bounce back?  How long does it take?  Will you ever be "normal" again?

I have no idea how to answer those questions, other than by saying, the only way is THROUGH the situation.  The longer you sit and do nothing, the longer it will take to go through it.  I don't know what you need to do for your specific situation, but you have to start thinking about what life is like once you are all the way through it.  You have to start putting yourself in some sort of control, set some goals, get your vision beyond today and set it somewhere in the future.

You have to fully understand, that today you are devastated, but you don't have to stay there.  Go through it completely, don't shortcut the process - it will only come back on you later.

There are some tried and true things you can do as a Man ...
1. Exercise - life weights, get your body strong, release endorphins into your bloodstream.
2. Set Goals - look at areas in your life that need improvement or something that you want to do (just for you).
3. Hang out with friends - and in general this means friends of the male variety.  Whatever you're going through, Men will be able to relate - and just by hanging out with them - doing whatever Men do - you will feel better.

We all have times in our lives where it's hard to get up in the morning.  When we wake up at 3am and our minds start going and the thoughts roll.  Push through it.  At some point in the future, you will realize you thought less about it - then one day, you'll realize, you haven't thought about it for a couple days.  Getting through those times suck, but you will get through it.  And by getting through it, you have created a huge success for yourself.  Use it in the future if life gets a brutal - you made it through then, you can get through it now.

Eyes Front Gentlemen.  Live. Learn. Lead.

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