Sunday, March 16, 2014

I got what I wanted ...

It has happened a few times over the past 18 months or so that I've been reading and following Manosphere blogs and forums - where a Man has done something and people get all butt-hurt about it.  I'm not defending anyone's actions - I don't personally know most of these Men, have never ever exchanged anything but a comment string with them.


These Men start acting more like the women they like to "denounce" as emotional human beings and acting like children.  And their "shaming" techniques come out also - which is just plain fucking stupid.  We call women out for doing it, tell them how stupid it is to do and then we do it to other men.  Then, because "we have to tell other Men about what happened, because, well, they're fakers" we take it to a public forum - calling men out through social media, forums, comment strings - it is sad to watch and makes me wonder about the true strength of Red Pill wisdom and the Men behind the blogs putting the words out there.

So, here's my prescription ...
1. if you feel like you've been slighted in some way - first of all evaluate what it is, and why you feel that way.  Put logic back into the equation and take the emotions out.  Remember the credo "it''s not personal, it only business"
2. if you feel that you have to do something, do it behind closed doors (even if those are virtual closed doors) - never take it out to the public.  Be a LEADER not a whiner
3. Deal with it quickly and smoothly.  So you can get it off your plate and get on with more productive efforts in your life - whatever those are.

That's it - 3 Simple Steps.  Be a Man about it, deal with it head on, get to a quick resolution and quit being so fucking emotional.  Even if it's personal, you will act to your best benefit if you take the emotions out of it.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

EDIT /// ADDED 3-26-2014 /// EDIT

Based upon the comment from Wald, I decided to put a bit of an edit on the post.  He stated that I'm wrote about not becoming overly emotional (basically to keep your emotions in check) and that I through the use of a couple terms and capitalization, have emoted myself.  One of the "Do as I say, not as I do" type of things.

It was really my Dad side coming through.  I do that with my kids from time to time, and although I may have a good thought or suggestion, if it comes from a place that is inconsistent with who you are, then the person you talking to (even in a post) will not believe the words.  Neither of those situations are really good.

So, to those that read this post - my basic message is this ... most things are dealt with better one-on-one.  There is nothing wrong with being passionate, committed, and defending yourself - but, if you are overly emotional (especially as a Man) it opens the door to being dismissed as "angry, crazy or unreasonable" - and who needs that.  That was really the two points I was trying to make - but in my haste to make them - I too allowed my emotions to get the better of me.  I want to thank Wald for pointing that out.


  1. I'm sure whether to agree with you or disagree with you, because I am not sure to which brouhaha you refer.

    Do send me an email at

    But one writing this post not whining also? "Fucking emotional". "LEADER" in all caps. Those words betray a little emotion themselves, do they not?


  2. Yes they do ... and you have done me a very big service by pointing that out. Thanks Wald - much appreciate it - believe there needs to be a bit of update on this post. You make a very good point - and really - it doesn't matter who it is (they are) - it's more about my attempt at saying ... "don't air the dirty laundry in public, when it can more effectively be dealt with in private" ... but I could have put my thoughts down in a better way. Thanks.


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