Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fuck me, no fuck you ...

Strange title, but fairly important subject ....

Have you ever felt like the world was against you?  I mean, at every turn, something goes wrong.  You wake up late, you're out of clean clothes, you walk outside and have a flat tire ... on the way to work, you hit every red light, people cut you off, the favorite parking spot is taken by that one person in the office that you just really don't like ... and so goes the day.  Ultimately you wonder what you might have done to piss off the Mistress Fate and how to you get your mojo back?

At times like these, it's easy to get down on yourself, sigh and say "Fuck Me" ... well, that is the exact time that if you want things to turn around, you need to say "No Fuck You" to the world.  Just grab your balls in one hand, the balls of the world in the other and just start moving forward.  I can't tell you what that first thing is, I just know that you have to move - go get some small task done.  Then do another - keep moving - keep doing.

I don't know why accomplishing small tasks will turn your day around, but it does.  It gives you the feeling of taking control - that you are able to overcome and not be a victim of your life and those around you.

You will have days like these.  In fact, you may have weeks of those days.  Just keep moving.  Keep focused on getting things done.  When you're in the car, turn up the music and sing with the songs.  Put a smile on your face, even if you don't want to smile.  Say HI to everyone you see, wave at people, flirt with all the women you see.  And keep moving forward.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Live.


  1. Make a list of tasks. Knock'em out. Rinse repeat.

    And for me - I need to take my own advice.


  2. The good news is, that when you take this "No, Fuck YOU, world!" approach... Those kinds of day space themselves out more and more until after years they are almost non-existent.
    Good thoughts brother!

  3. Wald & Von ...

    As always, our lives are our own. Advice, suggestions and even demands are really only requests - and we always have the choice, we just forget that.

    And Von, I like the idea, that we if we can get ourselves into this mindset, the days needing to "push" ourselves become less and less. I also believe, that taking both yourself and your life a bit less serious helps also.


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