Monday, March 24, 2014

Another perspective ...

Got some clicks from Trouble Maker's blog because of his story called Bitter Old Men - which is bit of a tirade concerning a older gent commenting about Trouble's age (yep, he's young at 22 - but hey I was 22 a few decades back also) ... and it's his reaction.  Then he decided to post a link to this blog, along with The Private Man's blog and Von Munchhausen's blog.  

OK - first of all - thanks for the link.  I read his blog, have commented on it and really believe he has a good voice - for Men of all ages.  Second, both PM's and Von's blogs are worth the time - both Men know what they're talking about ... and third ... read mine at your own risk.  I'm a bumbling fool and have made a ton of mistakes in my life, and continue to make mistakes - so read and learn - that's all I have to say.

Now, back to TM's post ... the comments are golden, because if nothing else, this little corner of the interwebs is great, because all of these Men carry with them a 2x4 and are willing to swing it.  I personally like that about us - either as a blog writer or a reader - we need to be ready, willing and able to voice our opinion.  If a blog writer (or any other Man) goes off the rails, or does something out of character, it is our responsibility to call him out.  It doesn't have to be a gentle, politically correct action - because really, we have become too soft in most of our lives - and the Manosphere needs to be a place were we do it up front and blunt.  No sugar coating required.  

So to TM, all I want to say is this ... Keep up the good work.  Keep striving for your place in the world.  Let other Men call you out - hell, if you didn't have a voice, then it wouldn't happen.  If you go a bit off the rails, no need to get defensive about it, take it as feedback - put it into the soup of who you are and let it work for you.  All comments are good feedback - even the negative feedback - it helps keep us on track and on mission.  Oh, and one other thing -- I'm not AARP age yet -- I the ladies to refer to me as The Silver Fox -- just sayin'.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.


  1. Good post. Great to see a blog from a fellow Aussie! I had to dig deep into my subconscious to remember the post you were referring to, but got quite a chuckle when I did. I recall thinking he was acting like a bit of a skirt wearing girly man when I read it, but then... he's 22 and still at that age where he knows everything.

    As you said, he's a good kid and I'm sure he will grow into a fine man.

    1. Which blog was Aussie again? :)

      I pray he learns that he knows nothing and still desires to learn. The foundation of humility.

    2. Sorry Mate -- I realize the Emerald City reference is confusing - but I'm in that wonderfully weird place called the US. I dated an Aussie chick (or should say, I went out with her a few times) - she turned very strange on me - I might put a post up about her.

  2. First, Thanks for the recommendation and the linkage.
    I have really enjoyed your site and appreciate your insight.
    I also appreciate your viewpoint of being the "bumbling fool." I often feel that way as well. However I also know that the wisest among us often consider themselves such.
    Keep up the good work man, there is most certainly wisdom in your work.

    1. Hey Von ... thanks for reading and commenting ... I really appreciate it. I believe that perspective of being a bit older - and living the "dream" within BluePill world gives us a different context than younger guys. It caused us to be a bit angry sometimes, but in general, I can look back and say "wow, I really screwed that one up, no wonder it went south".


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