Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Alpha dance...

I've thought about this one a for a while.  Because it's a bit off the wall - and as I've said, all this labeling stuff Alpha or Beta (or any letter from the Greek alphabet for that matter) doesn't do us any real justice.  Primarily because we are complex human beings - even the most simple among us.  But, with everything in life, there are established concepts or language which allow us to communicate and understand each other - with that in mind, this post is about being Alpha.

To really get what I mean, you'll need to view the video attached.  It's from the iconic 70's flick "Saturday Night Fever" where John Travolta is Tony Manero, a 20-something male living in Brooklyn.  He lives with his parents, works at a hardware store, has his "crew" and goes dancing most nights.  He is a "known" man in the disco, but not so much in the rest of his life.  The point I want to make is this, and it's from the video clip ...

Alpha's lead.  Tony goes out to the dance floor and basically takes it over.  Sure he can dance, but that's not the point - the point is, he leads -- making everyone else follow what He's doing, not the other way around.  I believe that's one of the primary differences between living your life, or just floating in your life.  Making the decision to lead - and no, this is not a MGTOW article - it's about having the confidence to make your own decisions, to take action on those decisions, and then allowing your life to unfold before you, which may mean, allowing other people to follow.

This concept reminds me of the movie Forrest Gump, when he starts running.  He crosses the US, from coast to coast several times, and has a group of people following him.  He didn't start running to lead anyone, in fact (in the same way that Tony didn't in the dance scene), it was just something he felt he needed to do - but somehow, other people started following, all for their own reasons.  Then one day, he decided to stop running and go home.  And I love the line from someone in the group following him when they said "what do we do now?" -- and there is not an answer for that person - because it was never about them to begin with - it was about the character Forrest Gump.  There also another wonderful scene, when Forrest is telling Jenny about what he saw when we was running - the lesson from that one, you never know what experiences you will have, once you just start moving.

When you decide to lead your own life, things happen.  Some of them very subtle, and can be missed by you if you're not aware of them.  One being that you will naturally attract people to you - they will want to know your secrete why you appear to be happy (or at least content) in your life.  Second, things will start to "pick up" for you - does that mean nothing will go wrong?  No.  What it means is that the things that "hurt" or "knocked you down" won't seem nearly as important, and once that happens, picking yourself up and getting going again is so much easier.  Within sports it's called being in the Zone - where nothing bad seems to happen - but I would say, the reason nothing bad seems to happen, is because you are no longer reacting to it - you are flowing with the world in it's natural state.  Once you get there, everything just falls into place.

So, let it be a lesson - if you have choice to lead, go ahead and do it - and now I'm going to tell you something, you always have the choice.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

as a complete side note .... I personally hate line dancing, it just shows that most people are not very original and it give the ladies (all of them) an excuse to get off their ass and dance.  And there is nothing sadder than watching a bunch of white people try to be cool and do the Electric Slide (it looks nothing like this video).

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