Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shameless Plug v1.0 ...

This post has nothing to do with providing any advice - other than I believe there are some Men out there that have some very good things to say.  They are important to me and my development, but you may or may not be familiar with them and their blogs.  So, in an effort to get the word out, here you go (and in particular order what so ever) ...

80-Proof Oinomancy
Twitter:  @whiskeyandashes
Written by Ace - this guy has seen it in his life.  He is about being honest in his writings.  His style is blend of poetic flow, allowing his words to almost wash over you, but at the same time, hitting you with some very poignant concepts.  Love his style.  He's a great guy.  Proof that Men can be put through the wringer by the world, go searching for the darkest parts of their souls, and find their way back to the light.  That means, he knows, he cares, he kicks ass, he struggles, he fights, which in my book means he is truly living.

The Lucky Lothario
Twitter:  @LuckyLothario
Written by Lucky - may be the smartest guy that writes one of these Mano-blogs ... no, I mean it, they guy is a genius in real life.  But beside that, he also may be the best traveled -- he could literally write a book about his recent travels in the US.  He's met many of the Mano-bloggers - spent time with them, watched them "work their magic" and experience their bullshit.  And since he's British (and good looking based upon self description), he had not problem with the woman-folk in the US.

Good Looking Loser
Twitter:  @GoodLookingLosr
Written by Chris and Crew - OK, if you want your hand held and your hair brushed back as you wake up to the realities of the world - then please go someplace else.  These guys only know one way - that is to kick ass and take names.  They are Men of the first order - and they don' tolerate anything less the best from those that come to their site and forum.  These guys talk about everything, and it is not for anyone easily offended - which, if you're reading this, I hope you already know that.  Straight talk from Men that have walked the walk.  No pussies allowed!!

Sploosh World
Twitter:  @JeremySploosh
Written by Jeremy:  What can I say about this "kid" - and yes, from my perspective, he's just a kid (but a great Man to know).  He has the attitude of the typical SoCal guy - which makes him laid back and very cool to hang out with - his blog spans lots of subjects as he navigates this weird world we live in.  I really enjoy his take, the variety of subjects, his excitement about his journey and his new found "powers" with women.  He's walking that fine line we all walk - how to be true to yourself while moving within a world that is sometimes hostile.

Some of those may be new to you, some you may already read on a regular basis.  There are a bunch more, but for now, that works - I'll do another post like this (see, I even named it v1.0).  Explore what these Men have to say.  Never immediately disregard - read, ponder, keep what makes sense to you right now, then disregard the rest.  Never carry too much on your journey, always travel light.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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