Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More about "But I like her..."

OK, I was told that the post was a bit vague and obscure - well it that way for a reason.  (1) most of the crap that you read is directly from personal experience - so real people are involved (including me) so, caution is always the watch word (2) it's not necessarily as important about "who" is involved, as it is the concept (3) it really messed me up.

So, you combine those three together and you get a post that meanders around subjects and never really hits on it directly.

BUT ... I was lucky to get some sage advice last night - not specific to the current situation, but just in general.  And it boiled down to the three points ...

  1. Knowing what you now - about how the world really works - is not all puppies and butterflies.  With this knowledge comes a realization that, yes, all women are going to act in a certain way.  Even the one you see as special - she is no different.  Once you know that, it's tough. Because you don't mind that the world works this way, you just want HER to be different.  And you know she's not.
  2. All this Red Pill stuff can give you a headache and sometimes you want to give yourself a break.  There is nothing wrong with needing to regroup, to get your head around something.  It won't change the truth, but we all need downtime to process - take it, it's important.
  3. We can still be happy, mostly because happiness is a personal choice.  It will never start from outside of you, so looking for any happiness through other people (especially women) will never bring you real happiness.  Oh, you'll get momentary happiness, and those times are wonderful - but true happiness is within you - find it through your mission, not through other people.
That being said, about all you can do is remain aware of what's going on with you.  Keep yourself in check, and don't slip back into those terrible Nice Guy Ways.  Stay vigilant towards how you interact with that special woman, and how she is interacting with you.  Demand excellence - be the master of reward and punishment - command respect through both your actions and words.  Basically, remain true to your own nature as Man and don't put your balls in your pocket because of her.  Believe in yourself enough to understand that ALL woman want a strong, driven Man - so stay in the mode.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

ps...and always remember, there are not Unicorns.  Only horses with horns.

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  1. I plan to make a post out of my comment about unicorns on your unicorn post.



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