Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I really like this one...

For whatever reason, everyone - from the best to the worst within the world of GAME will come across at least one Unicorn (or atleast believe they are a unicorn).  It is such a strong pull to want to connect with a woman - the more you play, the more you want "not to play" the game.  The more you see the world for what it is, the more you want to "not see" it.  We all live in a world that wants balance - if things are not in balance, if "fells" like it's going going to spin out of control - and totally come apart.

Look, all someone has to do is spend about 5 minutes on the blog, to come to the conclusion that I am about 5 feet from the edge at any single minute in my life.  I am really enjoying my life, and I am leaps and bounds beyond the life I was living a few years ago.  I didn't choose to be divorced (at least not by overt choice), I didn't kick my wife out of the house, I didn't want our marriage to end.  But it did - it took me a couple years to get my mind wrapped around that - being divorced and a part-time Dad - but I have.

And just when you think you're about to enter a new and interesting phase of your life, armed with new found knowledge, and the willingness to hone this new skill - out of the blue, a fucking Unicorn show ups.  Now, you've read all about how there are not Unicorns, never were, never will be.  You fight the urge to believe your eyes - it can't be, this is a mythical creature - they do not exist.

But with all things, we are intrigued by mysteries - at our core we are explorers, adventurers, always willing take on a challenge.  And what if there really is one Unicorn left - you think it could be possible - we keep telling ourselves that "nothing is impossible".  So, we cautiously advance, getting closer, examining this beautiful, mythical creature - we are hypnotized by the mere site of them.  Oh, but that's the Unicorn's real power - it is their smell, their grace, their touch, their light air of independence mixed with total surrender.

As we fall under the spell of the Unicorn, our logical brains keep telling us - there are no Unicorns, there are only very pretty horses with fake horns.  It nags at you.  You are smarter than all this. You know the real truth.  But it is so difficult not to be sucked in.

OK, I admit it - I'm in the middle of one of these struggles of real vs mythical right now.  I know, in my heart of hearts, there are no Unicorns.  I have too much evidence in my own life, that they do not exist.  Too many times, I have seen or talked to Men that believed they had found one, only to realize it was a fake, a charade, a trick of the mind.  And the problem of believing in Unicorns is that you don't deal with reality.  This thing in front of you might be a great horse, might be the world's best horse, might be a horse you want to keep around for a very long time.  But if you treat it like a Unicorn, it run away, because horses don't like to be treated like Unicorns - and they don't really like the way people act around Unicorns.

So damn.  I have to get my mind wrapped around the fact that I'm dealing with a pretty special horse with a fake horn.  Kinda sad, I was really hoping she was a Unicorn.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead


  1. Good post bro. I agree, they're all horses. And we've all been there...it's easy to get suckered in by a pretty face and tight pussy. Especially when a man is looking to fall in love...

  2. Hey Halfbreed -- thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's and interesting dynamic, one that I had not really thought about for a while - because for the past few years, women in general have held much interest for me. Then you meet one - they appear different from the rest - and you wonder if they really are. And I believe it's easy to "think" they are in the beginning - when both of you are awash in all those wonderful brain feel-good chemicals.

    But I agree - they are all horses.

  3. They're only different from the rest in how they mesh with you - they're not intrinsically different.

    You just found one that works well with you. There are many, but not always easy to find if you don't know where to look.

    Perhaps you could try a different outlook - there are grades of horse. Make an impossible grade up in your mind. Perfect 10 Face, Ass, Tits, Personality, whatever. Then make gradations. The idea is that a girl will never come close to being perfect. But she can be pretty high up there. With that frame in mind, perhaps you'll have a better handle on it.



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