Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Beta Waltz...

Been a couple weeks between posts, it happens sometimes, work has been a bit more intense with the start of the year, and sometimes, either your thoughts are not clear or just don't have anything to write down.  Most of what I write here is basically for me and my personal ramblings.  But been thinking of this one for a while ...

I believe we that we get into a grove in our lives and start living our lives on auto-pilot.  It's like the music of your life is playing a specific tune, you learned to dance to it and just let it go on replay - into an endless loop.  For many of us, that means doing this thing I decided to call the Beta Waltz.  The dance was easy to learn, just a few counts, left right, left right, slide, twirl and dance in a circle.  That's it - just a few moves and you're off and running.

Let give you an example - real life shit here ...

My (x)wife has completely moved on with her life, me not so much (but working on it) - but there are situations when she comes and leans on me for support.  The other day, she starts off by saying something like "you really talk to [oldest son] about how he's treating [daughter] - he's really being mean to her, and oh by the way, he needed money the other day and I gave him some for gas."  Now, all I have to do is say Yes or No - I don't have to react, talk or discuss anything with her about either subject.  But....and here's the waltz starting....I did.  It ended up being a 20 minute discussion about me talking to him and give her the money she gave him.  It was just so automatic.

I do this a hundred times a day - the music starts and I my feet begin to move and the dance begins.

I read something over at the Heartsie today...
Ask yourself, who’s sitting in the driver’s seat? In the first chat, the girl is in control. Role reverse it and the man becomes the driver of the courtship. If your game sucks, try role reversing everything you do, except in real life and not just as a post-rejection self-assessment exercise. Think Opposite George. Report back to us with the results, Or do the opposite, and don’t.
Of course, I had to check out the link - and it was from Seinfeld, where George Costanza decides that not only as made a few bad decisions in his life, but where he is today is the result of doing everything (literally everything) complete wrong and opposite of what he should have done.  He basically states "my life is the exact opposite of what I wanted" - so he decides to start doing the exact opposite of what he would traditionally do.  And guess what, he starts getting different results, almost immediately.

Now, I'm not quite where George was ... I don't believe my life is completely opposite of where I want it to be, but I will state, that I have taken some easy routes, roads, and byways; taking the no-risky route at times.  And I truly believe, that in my dealings with women (in general and specific women) things would have turned out much better by doing the opposite of what I did.

So maybe it's time to just do the opposite of what I would traditionally do - just to test it for myself.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. That's an interesting experiment. May have to try it out.



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