Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Manvice: Push for the NO

Have you ever heard the saying "get to NO as soon as possible" - I used to hear that all time when I sold from my sales managers.  That statement would go hand-in-hand with if you're not getting NOs, then you aren't pushing them to say YES.

Selling is a push-n-pull dynamic.  It's easy to figure out people that are not at all interested, because they will either just walk away, or be very blunt with you.  But what's hard to determine is if that person that "appears" to be interested, is really going to buy, or if they are just wasting your time for what ever reason.  Maybe they're bored, maybe they need a best friend, maybe you're the first person in the last week that has even acknowledged their existence - or maybe they are pimping you for information.  So you have to get them uncomfortable - you have to get them a little on edge - you have to get them to say NO.

Because there are people that will completely waste your time and care in the least.  They will nod their head yes so many times, you think they're a bobble-head-doll.  If you just can't get them to a NO, then you probably haven't asked the pull out the cash and buy already.

I'm hoping you get the parallels to the times you are talking to the ladies.  The ones that aren't interested, will just either ignore your or tell you to leave - and yes, with body language that says GTFO.  And then on the other side of the spectrum are the ones that show all the signs of buying what you're selling.  They are reacting to you, they are laughing, they are responding -- HELL YA!


It's your job so see if they are ready to actually buy, or if they just want your attention.  The only way to do that is always be pushing forward, try to find the limit.  Because sometimes - they are that into you - and the only limit is your imagination, because they are buying, buying and buying, with no NO in sight.  So always be pushing for the NO.  As a commenter said recently, don't be you're own cock block!

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.


  1. A wise man once told me to be careful of the frames you use to describe seduction; by framing it as a sales dynamic, especially one where you sell her, you risk introducing some degree of needy behaviour, as well as unhelpful beliefs etc

    There are arguments against that of course, but ultimately it's what works for you. Something to think about.

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by ... and good thoughts. I probably went a bit far down the path and analogy ... I was really trying to push the "get to the edge" idea. That's where I have a problem - getting to her to her edge, find the boundary - also get to your own edge - put a little fear (without the flight response of course) into yourself.

    2. The overall point is good. Perhaps you should add two corollaries:

      1) When you hit a no. Come back and try again. Sometimes it just means "no right now" instead of never. Sometimes.

      2) Don't oversell. When she's bought the product, stop selling (Don't overgame).



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