Sunday, January 26, 2014

Manvice: Ignore the blond ...

I'm finding out, in my new found singlehood, there is nothing more frustrating that hitting the streets, finding your fishing hole for the evening, finding a prime location to throw your line in, getting a ton of nibbles, but not actually catching anything.  It's happened to me more than I care to mention in my life - when you feel like you've done everything right, and still nothing is fully closed.

Here is the scene from the other night - how I handled it - and alternate endings ...

It was Thursday night, I was out alone (because at my age, if you wait for someone to come out with you, you'd be sitting at home - to hell with that).  I started off at my usual place, they have a live band, the crowd is a bit older, but that's OK, it can still have some talent walk in.  But it was DEAD, so I decided to try a different place, one that I had been to during a Happy Hour, but not later in the evening.  So, I'm there, get a good spot at the bar, scoot that damned chair out of the way, because I like to stand.  I'm scanning, trying to stay aware of body language - mine and others - basically, trying to learn how this Game works.

Four chickas are sitting a bit further down the bar, I noticed them when I walked past them, glances, but no gawking type of looks.  I order my vodka rocks, water back - pull out my smokes, and turn around to scan.  About 10 minutes, these four chicks are laughing and dragging each other to the dance floor - I wrote about them in the last post, but here's a bit more detail ...

Four chicks - All 30+, two blonds, one dark hair/skin, one athletic looking (runner type).  One of the blonds was older than the rest, assuming close to 50 and she was tall, thin and very drunk; other blond was short 5', thinner than average, very cute face and the youngest of the bunch; dark hair/skin was 40 something, nice body, face ok, not unattractive and was the ring leader of the group; last one was light brown hair, 40 something, had a runners body, only mildly cute, was probably considered the "unattractive" one of the group.

From the last post, you realize, I stopped the cute one as she was coming off the dance floor, grabbed her hand, said something witty, she laughed and about that time the Dark Haired one drug us both out to the dance floor.  So, I'm dancing with all four woman, but paying special attention to the short cute one.  We dance about 4 songs and move back to our seats.  Cutie is down about 5/6 seats and I wave over to sit by me - she does.

By now, we are chatting, she's telling me her life story, showing me pictures of her kids, her divorce, her ex, her boyfriend -- all the while, she's touching me and I'm touching her.  So fast forward (past all the crap and the previous post) ... she asks me to dance with her friend, that she gets accused of "hogging" all the guys.  The friend was the tall, older Blond - as I said, she is DRUNK, I was afraid she'd trip while dancing and fall into the speakers on stage - regardless, she's grabbing me, holding the back of my neck (stroking it) and getting into my face, nose to nose, nose to my check, etc. 

So we dance a couple songs, go back to the bar, I said something about leaving, Cutie asks me to stay, asks if I need her to buy me a drink (should have said yes, but I paid for another drink) and the cock-block-dude was hovering and eventually, the band started playing again, and Cutie and Cock-block went to dance.  That's when I really decided it was time to get home - late and didn't really know what to do (needed some advanced Game technique - didn't have my Pocket Guide to the Cock Block on me).  

So, I got over to say goodnight to Big Blondie, she grabs me and basically is saying don't go with her eyes (you know that sad face without a sad face thing) and the Runner Chick was leaving at the same time, so I told her I'd walk her to her car.  So, we leave the place together.  At first I'm just walking beside her, then she grabs my arm and holds on and we start walking - and I thought she was walking to her car, but we got close to the end of the parking lot, and I say something - her response was "I thought we were going to your car".  So we turn around, and she finally steers me to her car, I get in with her and we sit and chat (she was kinda drunk too, nice guy kicked in and I thought she could use a bit more time before heading out).  After about 30 minutes, I basically tell her I've got to go.  This is after her trying to touch me from time to time - not trying to be obvious.

OK - Long prelude to get here...
  • I chose the Cutie.  It was going very well.  But momentum changed and I basically gave up.
  • Tall Drunk Blond was all over me (but I was hitting on Cutie) and didn't want to loose my chance with Cutie by going for Drunk Blond.
  • Runner Chick was obviously interested, hell, she was going to my car (a stranger) and was throwing cues at me (within the bar and in the parking lot), but once again, Cutie was her friend, and she's the one I wanted to get with.
All that being said, I need to let my inner asshole come out and make it work for me.  Cutie may or may not have been able to be closed.  I would put it at less than 50% for ONS.  But, both the other chicks where more than willing, from the signals they were throwing out.  I put Tall Drunk Blond at about 80% and Runner Chick a bit lower at 70%.  Both would have been easier sells than Cutie.  And just because I closed one of them, does not mean I couldn't close Cutie at some future time.  

It comes down to choices.  Do you want to get laid or don't you.  I want to, within reason, but all those chicks passed the boner test - I let my big head get in the way of the little head, I over thought the situation.

Check out the clip below from the movie "A Beautiful Mind" - there is much wisdom in it.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.


  1. Dude you're so close. In the walking to the car case, she EXPECTED you to just walk to your car and take her home.

    Next time, in a four set, never make a choice.

    You flirt with them all and let them fight over you.

    You were the prize that night. You just didn't know it.

    1. J ... you are so right, I have to laugh at myself sometimes ... also, fuck it, if it passes the boner test right now, then go for it.

  2. Sounds like to me the "cutie" that you liked was mostly using you for attention and the blocker was/is probably at least side banging her.

    Drunk girl you did well to avoid don't need to read about you getting accused of rape due to her drunken state not worth it.

    Other one was the one you could have closed the deal with sounds like she assumed a sale so not sure what kind of interest she was showing earlier but if you wanted some action that night she was down.

    Two suggestions since it sounds like your bold with approaches so can do well:

    1. If you do the walk to the car move again always go to your car first. It will either be on (make a strong move) or when she calls you out you have two choices:
    a. Try anyway
    b. Call her out for being presumptuous and if she wanted it she needed to buy you another drink

    2. Try cigarette game since you smoke. If your gonna die younger from it, it will at least help your approaches and get you some action.

    Have fun

    1. MK ... like the thoughts ... and I Drunk Girl seemed like trouble from the beginning (and she stumbling drunk) ... Athletic Girl could have pulled a "I don't do that" who knows, but showed interest in the club and is probably used to being ignored ... Cute girl was interesting, but typical of the "best of her group", played the role perfectly ... she played the role of the best used cars in the front of lot to pull in the buyers.

      And my new rule is ... if a woman wants to buy me a drink, let her.

    2. Heck yeah take the drink and tell her you'll need another if she expects to round 2nd base later when its empty.

    3. MK ... I can tell you how much I enjoyed what you just said. I like it!!

  3. "...if a woman wants to buy me a drink, let her."

    Extend that to any favors, unless you don't want her affections.

    Think about it...would accept a drink from a fatty?



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