Saturday, January 18, 2014

BETAmoves ... not going for it

OK - after the last post, I wanted to put something up, it happened last night and I'm not proud of it - but hey, what if you could learn from my fuckup, wouldn't that be great!!

Here's the scenario...
1) I'm at the bar and they start playing a song (good so far - but realize, I'm been basically looking and not acting all night - something I will work on).  I see this chicka, sorta swaying by the dance floor, so I walk up and grab her hand, nod at her and gently drag her to the dance floor.
2) It's a country song, no problem for me, I can dance country (swing and two-step) and this is a two stepping song.  So, I'm doing this and doing that - the chicka is kinda drunk and having a hard time keeping up, I give her both verbal and physical cues on what to do and where to go.
3) so everything is fairly "tight" and then she says "Take Control" and looks me straight into the eyes as she's saying it -- I mean, no blink, no expression on her face, just a serious statement coming out of her mouth.

Now, here is the point where I go BETA - because what I did, was just smile and laugh a little and say "I like to take control" -- that was it.  If I remember correctly, she may have said the same thing two or three more times.  Say words, same mannerisms.

OK, I admit, she was not necessarily what I would call great looking, but she was in the doable range - especially for me, today, three months north of my divorce.  Notches are what I want, plates to spin would be great, hell, a positive reaction to forward motion is like gas on a fire.

NOW, a dozen+ hours after the event and reflecting back on it - I should let my inner ALPHA out, the one that wants to fuck women, pump-n-dump, not give a shit.  I could stopped dancing at the second, and just gave her the deepest, biggest kiss I could muster.  Hold her body so close to mine, we were almost merging.  Then pull away from her and say, let's go and I'll take full control.  Then grab her hand, and start walking to the exit.  She either goes or doesn't, but it would have been a huge, bold move - showing that I''m the kind of guy that will take charge, and take control.

But, that's Monday morning quarterbacking.  I will be in a similar situation in the future, I can either do what I always do or the opposite - it's always going to be my choice.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Keep those lessons fresh in mind for when you see the next girl.



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