Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trust your gut...

Just read an article over at RoK written by Christian McQueen call "The McQueen Manifesto" - and the first point he makes is in my opinion the key to a lot of things in life...Trust Your Gut..

"That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is there for a reason. Instinct is a part of our biology in order to save us from bad situations and to help us make right decisions. Every time I ignored my gut, I lived to regret it. Whether it was dealing with a girl and my red flag gut alert would sound off and I chose to rationalize it away, or doing business, or anything at all, whenever I chose to silence it and proceed anyway never turned out good. Learn to trust your instinct and follow it."

For Men, we plan, in many cases, it's not a formal plan with goals, timelines and actions, but we usually plan things out at least in our heads before we act.  In other situations, we may be taking the first couple steps while the plan is forming in our heads - not necessarily a bad thing if you're the type of person that "thinks too much" or has analysis paralysis.

I highlighted a sentence above - Everytime I ignored my gut, I lived to regret it - think about that for a second.  That means whether you act or you don't on that gut feeling, you may live to regret it.  So, if you decided to do something (and you gut was screaming DON'T DO IT) or you didn't make a move (and your gut was saying GO FOR IT) - it sets you up for some level of regret.

I keep reading that it's better to live with rejection (or even some sort of loss) than to live with regret.  To look back on your life and wonder about all the things the could have been.  First off, don't do that - the past is the past, you made the decisions and did what you did, no changing that.  Second, decide right now to live from a position of "no regret" - I don't care how old (or young) you are - all you have is what lies in front of you, do not live your life looking in the rear view mirror.  Make decisions for your todays and tomorrows - yesterdays are gone for ever.

I found a couple other articles that were interesting (just search for Gut Instinct) - but really, it's up to each of us to understand and trust ourselves well enough to just know if you're gut is talking, you need to listen - make a conscious decision - then don't look back, regardless of the outcome.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. One of the important things is that as I get more experience - I can better interpret my gut feelings and therefore trust them more.



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