Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gone fishing...

I have a profile on Plenty of Fish, had one for couple months.  I've had a couple dates, but as most Men will tell you, it's a numbers game - and it personally, I don't like the fat bottom dwellers, so I've pretty much run the course on the acceptable ones (that I can actually contact - since POF has a fucked up criteria around age limit).

I found the following blueprint on the Good Looking Loser forum - it supposed to work best for guys over 30 here's the link but I'll put the basics below...

  1. First Contact Email - something pretty mundane, just as an opener - here's their suggested text: "Hey, Nice profile - I like your style. So what's your name?", then sign it with your name.
  2. If she responds, you send the next message (will screen for a sense of humor):  "Nice to "meet" ya [INSERT GIRLS NAME].  So, how many emails are you getting from guys saying things like "Hi, I'm freshly divorced from my seventh wife, have 5 delinquent kids... but the good news is that I have a good chance at finally getting a job..."? hahahah", once again, end with your name.
  3. If she responds, here here the next one (screens for sexual availablity - sorta, at least if she's not a prude):  "[RESPOND TO WHAT SHE ASKED YOU (if anything)].  So you seem kinda fun and creative so i read these the other day in a Girlie Magazine.. Would you rather:  1) live in a mansion on the lake or a shack on the beach, 2) be 3'7 or 7'3 (keeping the same body proportions?), 3) have a year of amazing, mind blowing, toe curling sex and then no sex for the next year OR two years of so-so sex?", again - add your name.
  4. If she answers - then you have a live one and need to see if you can get her off the site and talking - here's the final email - and the suggestion is don't email mail her on the site again - she either texts or not.  "Well [INSERT GIRLS NAME], I'm getting the feeling you might actually be superfun to hang out with in real life. I'm not one for endless emails so hit me up offline - call or drop me a text: [PUT YOUR NUMBER] and we'll connect."  Now, you wait - but don't contact again (or at least that's the theory).

Well, like I said, there are only about 100 chickas that are bearable to look (maybe a few more, but not many) and I ran through those with the first round of "Hi nice profile" messages.  Got about 5 or 6 to email back, when through the whole process with only a couple - and those we connected.  One was a SIF and the other was pretty old looking (even for her age) - one of those "rode hard, put away wet" types.  I still text with the bigger girl, just keep one on the line - but really, it would be scrapping bottom even for a guy that hasn't been laid in a while.

So, I decided last night to run back through the various ones - especially the better looking ones.  So, I just jumped the shark and went with the third email - the one that screens for sex - and I was amazed at how even a couple that didn't email before, shot me back emails - and all of them answered the questions.  Here are a couple examples...

Haha you're a one of those funny ones?!Shack in the beach.... And I'd never settle for so-so sex....... Anymore questions?
Shack on the beach 3"7 so I could see up guys shorts lol and mind blowing sex then none for yr because once u have mind blowing sex u will always desire it , reflect upon it and will mean more once uptain again ! Final answers Toni
I want my mind blown...While I run around on the lake or the beach. ..on my little legs because I'm 3'7...bet that ranks me borderline psychotic

I got responses from about 8 ladies - which is much better than my first round of messages.  I tried a couple other openers, but none drew the attention just going for the questions did.  Now, we'll see if any of these pan out for meet-n-greets - will keep you posted.  My goal for 2014 is to get laid by a new woman every month (while getting laid by a few repeats along the way also).  So, they either are lays or the get lost - that's my new mantra.  [as a side note:  I messaged about 25 women over at OKCupid and have yet to get any response].

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. Veeeeerry interesting.

    I'm taking notes.



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