Monday, December 23, 2013


Awareness is an illusive thing in today's world - we are so overloaded by sensory stimulus, that it's easy to just shut down and stop noticing things.  Our automatic filtering systems are constantly helping us "pay attention" to what is important, it's an evolutionary thing - allowing us to conserve energy and not react to everything - noises, sights, feelings, thoughts - almost anything that could cause a reaction in our primitive brain and trigger the flight or fight response.

This happens to us on a daily basis - we all have had the times when we were driving, and really can't remember the drive per se, but we got to our destination.  We all "zone" out.  And it is really pure survival to not allow ourselves to get over stimulated when in crowds - or we would just flip out, really, you would after the fourth or fifth person bumped into you, or something else happened.

OK, all that being said - we have gotten almost too good at filtering out our lives and in many cases, have dulled our senses to not notice anything anymore.  So how do you get it back?  Specifically, how can you use awareness to help you in your life - with woman, in business, with friends?

One of the things that can help create more awareness is as simple as changing something in your routine - making the conscious chose change.  If you wear a watch on your right wrist, move it to the left (or vice verse).  If you normally put your left sock and shoe on, do it in reverse.  Little things will help you to become more aware.  Changing a routine in your life is the simplest way to shake things ups.

One of the things I want to do over the next few months is really start to become aware of my body language, how I project myself, how I walk and carry myself.  I also want to be more aware of how woman react to me.  Pretty much all my life, I've been clueless with regards to IOIs - in most cases, I rarely took anything as a "flirt" it was just some woman being nice to me.  Well, that's just an awareness thing.  Also, if you get good at being aware, you can filter woman - nothing like know if she's into you or if you're wasting your time - we (as Men) need to get out of the "being selected" business and get into the selector business.

Below are some other thoughts and ideas about being aware....
  • Being more aware can lead you to figuring out the answers to life long problems and things you might have otherwise avoided (because your capable of handling it now). So if you hit a life changing time, you might instead see it as a time you actually can see "it" how it really "is".
  • Stay in a good mood, negative moods no matter what they are will always drain your energy.
  • There are an equal amount of pros and cons in everything. That means there are an equal amount of positive and negative qualities in everything! So in short, it's never too bad. Truth.
  • Keep working at the easy stuff like meditations and chi-kungs or planning and eventually your skills will carry over and you will see great, tangible benefits in your awareness.
  • You can always be more aware.
  • The most powerful acronym is KISS. Keep It Simple Stooge! Basically it can remind you that the source is always the most powerful energy. The simpler the action the more powerful in short.
It's all up to each of us, being aware of your life and what's going on can truly enhance your life - there are things you are missing, you just don't know it right now.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. Awareness is a state of mind, I think.

    Always ask why. Even if you don't get a definite answer, you'll notice more than might have otherwise, and be well on your way to finding out.



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