Sunday, November 10, 2013

Update for Games (they) Play...

Scroll down and you'll see a post I wrote previously - here's an update...

Instead of rewriting (mostly because I'm lazy), I would like to attribute the comments to the source (because I got an email -- thanks!).  Because I believe people should be able to search through what we write and see if it's true or not - or at least if it's personal opinion, have their bullshit meter turned on.

Original Post from LaidNYC:  Your Seed is Gold
Commentator: Franklin Delano Robocop

So, just want to say this - if you see something and want to call Bullshit on me - please do, either in the comments or in an email.  I fully admit, I may get the facts wrong, or attribute something to the wrong source, or I could be completely off base.  Let me know - I may have just stated my position poorly or we may just a significant difference of opinion.  Either way, you only get strong swords by heating the hell out of them, pounding the shit out of them, then forcing them into a cold bucket of water.  It's a tough process for the steel, but the outcome can be a work of art.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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