Friday, November 1, 2013

The first time...

OK, Mr. LaidNYC wanted bloggers to post about the first time, you know, that moment where you lost your virginity and thought you had crossed over to manhood, well, here is my story...

I was 18, all cock and on high alert for the good stuff.  I was also a college freshman - which means you are also fresh out of the house, feeling your freedom and stretching your legs and boundaries a bit.  EXCEPT, I was a freshman at a very conservative Christian College - and still trying to figure out if everyone was a true bible-banger or just some of them.

Now, the story starts with me, and one of my classes (you know, one of those freshman classes with about half your college mates in them) and this long walk to the Government Studies building (or whatever it was called).  During this walk, there were always lots of students heading in the same direction - and I as a freshman, would always be walking with my buds, checking out the female asses walking in front of us.  We have all been there - and there is nothing like a bunch of 18 to 20 year old girls walking in front of you.

Now, there was this one young thing, her name was Marla, that wore the tightest Levi 501s in the world.  You noticed her, because at this particular college, tight jeans were not exactly the norm - the were the exception - and she liked to be noticed.  Her jeans looked like they were painted on and she had a slight bubble butt - once again, any Man that likes to watch asses, knows what I mean by that statement.  Not big, just round with a perfect sway to it.

So, me and the buds noticed her right away - I mean the first week of making the walk.  And we would always try to position ourselves to watch her walk - it was that special to us.  Now, being the slobbering 18 year old, that had spent the last two years of his high school career with a "serious" girlfriend - all I did was look and make comments - there was never an approach, I don't think I even knew how to approach.  So, the watching continued through the first couple months.

We are getting to the "time" when the shit finally got this was a very small college.  Maybe 2K students total.  So, Marla knew me - just because we had a few classes together and circles swirled around each other pretty easily.  So, after a few weeks, a friend of Marla's asked me a question on the walk - nothing serious, something about an assignment or some such thing.  We smiled at each other, I said "hi" and that started the smiles and hi thing.  Then one evening, after our wonderful evening meal, I was hanging out in the Student Center and Marla walks up to the group I'm in and joins in the conversation.  (oh did I mention, that she was a Sophomore?  don't think so) and pretty soon, it become just me and Marla - chatting.  Then I just said..."hey you want to go get a drink at ...?..." ... and to my surprise, she said "sure" (drink within this context meant a fountain drink - remember Christian College).

So there we go, off to get a drink (place was a car hop type of place, you'd probably recognize it, but the important thing is, we never left my shitty car to go in anyplace).  We order, get our drinks, chat for a few minutes and then I just pull out and start driving.  Once again, for those interested, this was during a time where kids/teenagers/college age would "drag" main - meaning, we would drive up and down the main strip of whatever city.  So, that's what I did - just drive.

Everything is going smooth.  I've got Marla in the car, we have our drinks (non alcohol of course) and things are going good.  Now, this is also in the time of "parking" - and I've done my share of that the girlfriend and some random pickups over the last couple years - where you go someplace, park and make out.  So, I got tired of driving, and went to this neighborhood park - parked the car and we started kissing.

I was cool is this.  This "Sophomore" girl, with a beautiful ass (ass was a 9.5, face was maybe a 6.5/7), was in my car, making out with me -- SCORE!!  Hell, I had been here before, nothing really new, time to move in for the touching and rubbing on the outside of the clothes - and there was no "stop" or pull my hand away -- AWESOME!!  OK, time to go under the clothes, once again, no stopping or pull my hand away -- full on bare breasts and nipples -- DOUBLE SCORE!!  Then something magical happened - and something that had never happened before - she unbuttoned her wonderful and tight 501 button fly jeans and grabbed my hand and put it down her pants -- I WAS FLIPPING OUT!!  I had been there before with a couple girls (of course not my serious girlfriend - she was special) - but this was different, she had wanted me to do this, she never stopped me, she grabbed my hand.

So, needless to say, this was the greatest night of my life.  And then it got better...She started to unbutton my 501s - and touch me -- OH MY FUCKING GOD!!  Now, was that the first time, I really can't remember, I just remember that it's the most memorable.  Then she strips off her pants and strips off my pants and straddles me -- THERE ARE NO WORDS, MY MIND IS NOT EVEN WORKING!!  I slide in, she grinds, moves up and down, and I really have no idea what I did - I only know this is something that is a defining moment in every Man's life, and it is happening right now.  It happened with Marla, a girl I had been watching walk up a hill for over two months, that wore these wonderfully tight 501 jeans, it happened without her saying NO to anything, it happened in an almost effortless way - and I AM ABOUT TO CUM AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF I CUM INSIDE, OUTSIDE, IN MY HAND, ALL I KNOW IS THAT I CAN'T STOP!!

I cum - right there inside her - I couldn't help it - it just happened.  My whole body exploded.  She laughed and giggled a little bit.  Kept grinding for maybe another 3 or 4 minutes more - I was still hard when she got off me.  She sat back in the passenger seat, reached down, got her panties on, her wonderfully tight 501s on, shirt back on - and I was still reeling from the whole thing and fumbled around for my clothes.  We kissed a bit more and then she said she had some studying to do.

So, I drove back to the Student Center and dropped her off.

I will never forget that night - ever, in my entire life.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  Over the next week or so, I also get my first blow job from her and we had sex one more time.  She didn't come back after Christmas Break - probably a good thing - I might have fallen in love (or maybe not, early on in the 2nd semester, my next conquest showed up).  But Marla will always have a special place in my heart.  Thanks Marla!!

Here's the link to the original article - good stuff, and the comments are GOLD.

Eyes front Gentlemen.  Live, Learn and Lead.

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