Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Upon further review....

Over at The Rational Male, Rollo has put up a couple of really interesting articles.  I like his style of writing, it's well thought out and presented in a very logical manner.  Much like others in the Manosphere, he writes under a pen name - for some people, that causes a bit of an ethical problem, because in reality, he could be anyone.  He wears a mask to shield who he is from the rest of us.

To me, it doesn't really matter.  Truth is truth regardless of who speaks it.  As some of his commenters have said, if you don't believe what you're reading, all you have to do is test it for yourself - if it's true, then accept it, if by your own experience it's not true, then disregard it.

There are few in this weird realm of Men blogs that look for validation, for research, for science to prove their points.  There are lots of others that say "go test it yourself".  Neither is bad approach, we all seek answers depending on how our brains work.  Authorities or real life, it doesn't really matter.

Here's my real point, start to understand how the world really works - read, learn, observe, act.  Experience for yourself if any of this shit is true.  The comment above struck me, mostly because if you would have asked me less than a year ago if I believed it - I would have told you it wasn't true, women aren't like that, my (x)wife wasn't like that, my daughter won't be like that, my Mom wasn't like that, etc and so on.  But the reality is a bit different - they are all the same.  Just like colors, some are "more" intense/bright and some are "less" - but they are all like that.  Rage against it all you want, tell me it isn't true, there's no way my (fill in the blank) acts and feels that way.  And all I will say is....start observing, start becoming aware, then act accordingly.

To tell you the truth, I wish I knew this 10 years ago - one of two things would have happened (1) I would have a great marriage, built upon an understanding of both our true natures and would still be with my wife and kids or (2) I would have ended my marriage much sooner, with less feelings of guilt, anger and rejection - and focused on being the best Dad I could be.

Keep the faith Gentlemen.  Live, Learn and Lead.

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