Saturday, October 12, 2013

Consider the source...

I'm on a roll today, but just remembered something I told my oldest son the other day and wanted to get it out into the world...

Background:  My son is turning 18 in a few weeks.  He is a the product of a ONS with a woman that I married - but to be completely honest, I was just getting laid, ended up thinking "what the hell, I'll take her out for while" - because I have to admit, I like having sex with her.  Also, my son is a senior in high school, fairly intelligent (scored in the low 90 percentile the ACT test), but admittedly screwed up his first two years in high school from a grades perspective.

His mother (my xwife) is constantly in his ear about colleges, jobs, degrees, etc. and so on.  She always has "was talking to a friend..." about something - and it usually is about what he should do with his life.

Now, to the point of the story...

We were talking the other day and he brought something up that his mother had said about "his future" and what he should pursue from a degree perspective.  And I just made a simple statement...

"consider the source before you take career advice from someone"

I wasn't telling him not to listen, what I was saying was this...his mother didn't go to college, has not had a full time job in 18 years, depends on me to support her life, and in general, has not achieved much in her life.  I give her this, we have beautiful kids and they are super intelligent - but she doesn't really "know" anything about how the business world works, let alone what our son should do in his life.  One other thing I will give her...she is really good at networking, social media and creating "connections", which has not helped her much, but she is really good at it.

I told him to love what he does.  Don't focus solely on money.  That it's his life, not mine, not his mother's - he is only one that will give a shit in 50 years because more than likely, neither of us will be alive.  He will be the one that has look back and decide if he made the most of it - not me, not his mother.  So, it's time for him to start taking full responsibility for his decisions, his actions and the direction of his life.  He may choose a path that I wouldn't choose, but at the end of the day, going his own way is the only thing he can do.

So, I'm coaching him, she's telling him "what to do" - that seems to be the primary difference here - the problem is - she has no basis for any of it.

Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. I believe parents should give their children every tool and opportunity to do as little or as much as they want with their lives.

    Discipline, structure, and control are good to get a child on a good path. But when they turn into a adults, the reins should fade into the nether.

    Women don't understand that.

    But then - I don't have children. Consider the source of my advice!



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