Monday, September 16, 2013

With a single tear...

I read a comment over a The Rational Male this evening and it summed up how I feel in a just a few words.  The article is typical of Rollo, but the comments are even more important than the original message.  There are Men out there that care, there are Men out there that desperately want to help, there are Men out there with the heart of a lion and iron will of warrior poets.

For those Men, I say thank you, for your words and encouragement.  I hope I can repay you in kind some day.

Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. I like the idea of segregation of the sexes. Maybe not quite to extremes seen in Muslim societies (looks extreme to me, I mean), but separation in schools, separation in church, and private spaces.

    You notice that boys and girls in single sex schools have a consistent complaint about the opposite sex - too far away.

    What about the complaints in our co-ed society? From where do they stem?



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