Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why oh why? They just don't get it...

OK - reading through some of blogs I read and this article over at LaidNYC has caused quite a buzz.  First off, a bunch of people missed the point (I would like to say woman missed the point, but of course, where there are women, there are orbitors and white knights looking to score points or gain favors); some were just shocked at the words used to make the point; and yet others didn't get past the first few words before going directly to the comment areas to start calling names.

Well - guess what folks, you just don't get it.  By it, I mean what was being said in the article.  You got all caught up in the fact that an analogy was being used - poetic license if you will - to make a point.  Because, I'm pretty sure even Goldfinger doesn't have golden cum - and it's biologically impossible - but I digress.

The point is....(drum roll)...

That each man should think of himself as THE PRIZE. 

Argue with it all you want, but if someone (specifically a man) want to think of himself as best, as worthy, as a prize to be had - it really goes against all the "stuff" most men have been taught in their lives.  Sure, we are told to be tough, don't cry, winning isn't everything, you'll get 'em next time, she's not worth it, maybe you should have been nicer, girls love flowers, and so on ad nauseam - but we are never told that we are the prize - it always the girl.

So, the haters came out of the wordwork to bash, to sling names -- throwing virtual sticks and stones.  But guess what - he doesn't care!!  He is not looking for your validation!!  He validates himself!!  Did you even read the fucking article??  Really it amazes me sometimes.

Link to original article...

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  1. Where there are women, there is much wailing and gnashing of the teeth.



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