Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Red Pill Women, Unicorns and other mythical creatures

There's a bit of a debate (if you want to call it that) about whether woman can really be Red Pill or not.  Well, in my opinion, they can't - there is no evolutionary or biological reason to believe that are or will ever be able to fully ingest the concepts of being "red pill" in their behavior or reactions.

That may seem rather harsh - I don't care.  Because in my mind, they don't even need the damned thing.  It's Men, that have been conditioned, through Pavlovian tactics, that require their daily dose of the Red Pill to survive in a world that has told them, over and over again, that being truly masculine is a bad thing. That being a Man means you are have to "watch what you say" and "don't intimidate other people" or "you scare me when you get mad".

I can't tell you how many times my big sister kicked the shit out me as a kid.  She was only about 16 months older than me, but she matured much faster - and she was one of those tom-boy types.  I was terrorized by her up until about 12 years old - where I had the pleasure of kicking the shit out of her - once.  My told me it was over - you got your revenge.  So let's say, that for at least 8 years, my sister got to beat me up - I got one shot - a single 15 minutes.  Now am I advocating violence - NO, not just no but HELL NO.  What I'm illustrating is a fact in my life - that it was over once I was bigger and stronger than her - that's the message that was given to me.  When you are bigger and stronger, you let other people get away with stuff.

My (x)wife told me, after she moved out, that she thought I was going to hurt her and kids during the night.  Now, she wasn't so scared that she moved out immediately, she lived with me for about 8 months - but she created this story in her head about me being some homicidal monster - and that's why she had to move out and start this new life.  Of course this new life didn't include getting a job, or paying for her living expenses, or her car payment, or her car insurance, or her health insurance - it just included her going out, dating, "seeing" other men, etc.  And you wonder how I don't believe woman can be Red Pill.  [note:  yes, I became that beta bitch husband and am, for now, that beta bitch ex-husband.  I justify it by saying it's for the kids, because they live with her, well at least for the next 4 years.]

Unicorns, El Chupacabra, Sasquatch, and Red Pill women - they are all mythical creatures and until I personally witness them, they will remain so.

Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. The strong do what the will, the weak suffer what they must.

    When the strong hold themselves back, even the weak are strong.

    Such wickedness arises, when the weak have undue power, like Coporal Himmelstoss.

    One is supposed to become stronger, not make everyone else weaker.

    And when those strong stop holding themselves back, the weak will suffer what they deserve.



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