Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of Mice and Men...

Personally, I believe the whole debate of "alpha" and "beta" and which category you fall into is not necessarily a black and white issue, and more of a situational issue.  Obviously, this only my opinion, but follow me on this...I believe you can be both - alpha and beta - either in stages in your life or concurrently depending on the situation.

Based upon Life's Phases...
Imagine you start off life as a scrawny kids (or small or fat or "ugly" - whatever) and as you mature, things change and let's say you gain confidence due to these changes - you started off as a beat/omega and progress to a alpha.  This happens to lots of men, in fact I would say that most of the men reading blogs or participating in forums have followed this path.

Or, let's say, your fairly alpha naturally, but you grew up in a small town and then move to a bigger city - and all of a sudden, there is competition - you've never experienced that before, and over time, you become more beta in your behavior in this larger environment.

Or, and this happens on a very dramatic scale (happened to me), you are a fairly confident guy, feel comfortable around women, dating is not problem, you progress in your "career and life" - and all of a sudden, BOOM, you find "the one" and get married.  You start down the path of marriage, wife, kids, house, cars, etc. -- and during that same time, you take little side steps in your marriage "to keep the peace" with your wife and kids.  You moved from alpha (single) to beta (married).

Based upon situation...
What if you are alpha at work and in your career, but beta in your relationships with women.  What if you are an alpha with the ladies, but you end up being a wimp when it comes to work.  What if you are a beast when playing sports or exercising - but can't translate that same type of confidence in dealing with people (male or female).  Or you are the best of all worlds, but you're drowning in debt.

In either situation, you can be a confident MOFO in one area or at one time in your life, and completely be mess in another one.  The whole Alpha/Beat/Omega scale, as an absolute measure fails to help you get a handle on yourself.  I believe you are probably all of those, and you need to look at all areas of life - and attempt to raise the bar for yourself across the board.  I think of personal improvement as more of a master volume control, rather than tweeking the treble, mid-range and bass separately.

But that's for a later post...Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. Debating Alpha versus Beta is a false dichotomy that stifles thought.

    I believe more in shades of grey.



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