Sunday, September 22, 2013

B is for Beta

I updated a post about my experiment - which was an epic fail for me [but hey, that's how experiments are, it's a series of failures until it works].

But as I updated the title, I thought about how most men (and I mean the majority of us) would be graded at a B and all it's attendant variations (B-, B, B+) because most of us are truly Beta Males.  If you think of a logical/statistical distribution of Men, you'd have to realize that both Alpha Males and Omega Males are on opposite ends of the curve - and that most of us (counting myself) fall within the great hump of the middle.

Now I can go into all the reasons why we are there, or blame someone like my father or mother, or even blame society as a whole for creating this great big glump of Beta Males, but we have to realize, that from a purely statistical standpoint - it's the only way for it to play out.  Because, if we were all Alpha Males, then we'd have to reclassify that in some way - there has to be a mass in the middle.

So, here's an example...

Let's say, somehow, we (men) all become Alpha.  That's an untenable situation - we can't all be leaders of the pack, for a pack to exist, there has to be followers.  So, there would need to be some other classification to create the Leader/Follower dynamic.  In the story of the 300 Spartans, King Leonidas of Sparta leads a group of warriors (approximately 7,000 of which 300 were Spartans) against the invading Persian Empire of Xerxes I.  Now, let's just assume that these Men were all Alphas, they were warriors prepared to die for their country.  BUT, they had to led by a the Highest Alpha - there has to be someone to take control and lead them - or it would just be chaos.

So, no matter what, there will always be a statistical distribution, regardless of how we break it down.  Now, obviously, if we (Men) could elevate ourselves to Alpha, the world would look significantly different than it does today.

Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.


  1. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    You can make some men alpha some of the time, and you can make some men alpha all of the time, but you can not make all men alpha all of the time.

    Back in Roman times, early in their history, when the husband had the authority of life and death of his woman and children, he was to them alpha, when to others he was not.

    Back that, it wasn't big Daddy government made all the little women Daddy's girl and independent from men. No sir. It was big brother government who gave his little brothers some help - he subsidized the alpha status of all men.


  2. Thank you for the blog link!


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