Sunday, September 1, 2013

As I Ponder...who's the real Alpha?

OK, I admit it, I smoke - and when I smoke, my mind is usually pondering something (big or small) and the other day it was this...

Who's the real Alpha?  Superman or Clark Kent, Batman or Bruce Wayne, Spiderman or Peter Parker, (you get the idea)

Is it the person we see or their alter ego that is real Alpha in their personality?  Part of me wondered if either is really Alpha, because one of the traits I believe make up the Alpha personality is that of honesty.  Are you being honest if when you are fighting crime, you wear a mask?  Or when you are dealing with your day job/life, you are acting in a way that is not the same?

I know, these are fictitious characters, written to entertain us, but is there something there we can learn or apply to our daily lives?

But what if, we knew Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne were really these crime fighting bad asses, that they have to work (or don't) to make ends meet.  Now, all of these super heroes act like pussy-whipped betas when it comes to woman - I mean, all of them fall all over themselves to prove their love to these special woman (in almost all cases, they are loved by them as super heroes and ignored in real life).

My final thoughts on the super hero/alter ego archetype is this...none of them are really good role models for men.  They appear to be these "strong" mean, living by a code - but in reality, they most are hiding behind two personas, and not fully incorporating themselves into a single functioning Man.  They constantly are fighting an internal battle and in many aspects of their lives, they just can't quite get it right.

The only one that I see as true Alpha is Iron Man/Tony Stark.  He embraced both sides, announced his true nature and lives with the consequences.  He is still in conflict, but he strives to work through that conflict and continues to live life true to himself.

Stay strong Brothers.  Live, Learn, Lead.

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  1. Now that I think about're right.

    Superheroes are gay.

    The thing is - both Clark Kent and Superman are the same person. But the presentation is different and the way he acts in each type of dress is different, that people can't see what's right in front of their eyes.

    I wonder if Superheroes are responsible for a decline in masculinity and general bad assery?

    What with the masks and alter egos, it looks like Superheroes teach men that the hard working man to make ends meet and the bad ass alpha can't be the same person.

    And kids spend much time idolizing superheroes instead of trying to be superheroes themselves...



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