Friday, September 13, 2013

And the winner is...

There are lots of people that have made fun of OKCupid profiles, this is not one of those per se, it is more of a general WTF about the last paragraph of this woman's profile that really got me going.  I would like to think it's really out there, that she is an outlier to the norm - but I'm afraid she is the rule, not the exception.

So, here is the part that got me (and you have to realize it was a very long, detailed profile, several screen scrolls to get to this final paragraph)...

"Also, DO NOT message me with the statement that I must be a handful. Dear insecure misogynists, women are not to be handled because you feel you can't 'keep up.' This is more abundant from men who were raised to think Adam and Eve were their distant relatives. That stupid and evil Eve. What's next? A wife who has someone else's baby? NO WONDER you hate women so much. As with a child and nightmares, I'll tell you the's not real."
I bolded the parts that got me going.  But in general, after reading her 1000 word tirade (I mean profile) and then to end with this piece of gold at the end of her rainbow, it was just blow away.  Now, I'm not going to provide a picture of this woman, but from what I could tell, she was fairly attractive (although since photos can lie, she be hideous).  So, I'm sure she was getting messages from lots of men, but since OKCupid is free, I've noticed the quality of woman is bit lower than the paid sites and she was attractive, she probably got a bunch of mail, likes, winks, favorites, etc.  And any man that would email her, after reading that profile, should be drawn and quartered - I don't think any amount of game would help them - the would have to be a gold medal winner in the Game Olympics to even believe this woman was worth the effort.

One last point, her "that I must be a handful" is probably the only response she should get - mostly because is the most obvious statement.  So, to break it down for you - if you want a bitchy woman, that is never going to be satisfied, has a list over requirements for you to meet, believes all men are misogynists, does not believe in a higher power (or at least the Jewish/Christian God) and probably is very bitter and angry - then this is the woman for you!!  All I can say is THANK YOU for taking on such of monumental challenge.

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  1. Leave it to a woman to get what a word means entirely wrong and proceed to wax paragraphs about how it makes her really feel.


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