Saturday, August 31, 2013

Differing Views...observations from afar...

It's always interesting to see a man and woman debate their specific views on a topic.  Recently, Rollo Tomassi wrote a post As Good As It Gets and there was a rebuttal of sorts written by Sunshine Mary on her blog entitled He was unhaaaaappy..

OK, they are both well written and coherent (which are two aspects of blog posts that are important for me personally) so check them both out - this is not a post about this particular subject - they are better versed in the are of thought.  It's an observation about generalizations, and how they "generally" are both right and wrong at the same time.

Here's my can prove or disprove anything with generalizations or statistics.  There is always going to be something out there that will help prove your point, or disprove someone else's.  But here's the problem, generalizations don't really live in the real world, or more specifically, at the single person level.  Because each of has seen someone in our lives (or maybe read about someone) that has bucked the odds, done the impossible, not lived up the standards espoused by others.

Does this mean the generalization is not true?  No, not necessarily, but as humans we write our own script, we act "out of character", we do the unexpected.

So read both articles, read the comments, see where the truth is for you and then try to figure out if you are living it or just talking about it.  For Men, that means understanding yourself better, acting from your own code and being the best you can be.  We are more than the sum of our parts, but we are always less than what we could be.

I highly recommend both blogs - the are both intelligently written and in "general" provide great information.

Sunshine Mary (Sunshine Mary and the Dragon)
Rollo Tomassi (The Rational Male)

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  1. Between two extremes the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.



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